Genesis R&D Supplements Formulator & Labeling Software

Supplement Facts Label Generator

Supplement Formulation, Supplement Labeling, Compliance

Streamlined commercialization. Risk mitigation.

This single-solution program simplifies the supplement-creation process, freeing up your time and reducing your costs.听The Genesis R&D Supplement Formulation听and Labeling Software program听is a powerful tool for dietary supplement development, analysis, data management, and government-compliant labeling, that offers features and a workflow specifically designed for the supplement听industry.

Program Features

  • Create government-compliant supplement facts labels
  • Manage all your ingredients and formulations in one place
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and hand calculations
  • Make modifications as needed, eliminating the time and cost of outsourced analytical testing
  • Analyze the nutritional content of your formulas with the program’s nutrition reports
  • Save and reuse formulas to create new formulas that are similar in design
  • Calculate cost per unit and batch size
  • Intuitive user interface and easy label modifications
  • Determine marketing claims
  • Produce documentation for your cGMP records

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