Nutrition Databases and API Solutions

Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition Database

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Our reputation and longevity depend on the accuracy of our nutrition data, and we鈥檝e been around a long time. Take advantage of our expertise with one of our database or API options.听听The 黑料大湿Posts database contains data from over 1,900 sources including USDA data, manufacturers, restaurants, and literature research. Our Nutrition Research Team runs data through a series of reviews and calculations to see that nutrient values add up and are correct. We do our best to maintain the highest quality database available.

Commercial Food Database API

Genesis R&D API

The Genesis API is the go-between that lets your existing apps integrate with your Genesis R&D Foods program for automated import and export of recipe and ingredient data.

Food List Nutrition Database

Database Licensing

You need nutrition and exercise data with more flexibility than our APIs. License static subsets of the database and use that data to drive your programs.

Ingredient Database API

Database API

Website or mobile app developers looking for real-time food-item searches, selections and nutrition analysis summaries want the Nutrition Database API.